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I LOVE shaping surfboards and I'm kinda obsessed with this craft. Even though I am about to shape my 220th board I'm still considering myself as a novice but I hope to become a master one day... This blog is a virtual portfolio and a diary of my journey in the shaping world. Feel free to leave comments or contact me directly at valerie@meremadesurfboards.com.

Valerie Duprat
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

board#134: funboard for Brenda

Brenda, the birthday girl, with her present !

Dimensions: 7'7 x 21 3/4 x 2 7/8
[completed in June 2016]

The story: my friend Tracy was looking for a special gift for her sister's birthday. Since she had herself a Mere-Made as a birthday gift (board#116) and one before that (board#016), she pulled the trigger and next thing I know I was doing a surfboard for her sister Brenda. Simple as 1, 2, 3 !

The shape: Brenda is a beginner and we decided for a classic funboard shape with plenty of volume on the nose so that she would enjoy riding the waves right away! 

The artwork: when Brenda came to order her board and discuss artwork she wasn't very decided: teal and her dog's paw prints were in the talk. Then I showed her a piece of rice paper with some delicate black lace on it... She immediately loved the idea. Teal, lace and dog prints (which I made her make real paw prints from her dog and she said it was an awful mess (but the thanked me later :)). I also set her up with a custom logo designed by french plastic artist Sebastien Arcouet. 

The glass was wonderfully executed by Dewi at Tiger Glass.

Brenda and her board

real paw prints from Brenda's dog !!

Dad with his two beautiful daughters

with all the boards I shaped for the family !!!

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