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I LOVE shaping surfboards and I'm kinda obsessed with this craft. Even though I am about to shape my 205th board I'm still considering myself as a novice but I hope to become a master one day... This blog is a virtual portfolio and a diary of my journey in the shaping world. Feel free to leave comments or contact me directly at valerie@meremadesurfboards.com.

Valerie Duprat
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

board#102: shortboard for Laurane

Laurane (15 year old) with her snow/surfboard

Dimensions: 6'0 x 19 5/8 x 2 3/8
[shaped in July 2015, completed in August 2016]
Model Valolo

The story: this board was originally shaped for Mark but I removed more foam that I should have so I had to reshape another one for him (see board#108). The shaped blank sat for a long time in my shaping room... until Philippe showed interest in getting surfboards  made for his two 15 year old daughters, Maylane and Laurane. The boards were supposed to be created for a music video-clip so it was decided Laurane would have this cool shortboard shape even though she had no surfing experience.

However, soon enough, I was told that Laurane got bitten by the surf bug and would ride the board after all. The good news is that Laurane is a very determined young lady. The challenge of surfing on a shortboard is not one for her. She is very determined to rock that board. As a matter of fact she already rip on it using it as a wake board :))) I am confident that in no time she will paddle it in real waves.

The shape: (see board#108)

The artwork: The idea was to reproduce the pattern of her favorite board: a snowboard!!! She worked with her dad and grand-dad to get me a sketch of the "Burton surfboard". I was sold when they mentioned snowboarding as I was myself really into it (and Burton being my favorite boards). The artwork is a strip pattern which I entirely made by tape masking/air brushing. An empty space was left to received the Burton logo printed on Rice paper by Boardlams. Definitely a challenging artwork to pull off. 

Laurane taking her board for a first spin !!!

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  1. Cool style. The dress is also awesome. Girls are heading so faster in every sector. I have watch their forwarding toward outdoor activity. In last five years they create a great change in the Longboarding world too. I really congrats them.