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I LOVE shaping surfboards and I'm kinda obsessed with this craft. Even though I am about to shape my 205th board I'm still considering myself as a novice but I hope to become a master one day... This blog is a virtual portfolio and a diary of my journey in the shaping world. Feel free to leave comments or contact me directly at valerie@meremadesurfboards.com.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

board#035: mini-gun for Sylvain

Sylvain and his 35th birthday's gift
 (although he turns 35 in more than a year)

Dimensions: 6'7 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2
[completed on December 2013]

The story: when I started to shape, 3 years ago, I joked with my friend Sylvain that I would shape him Board#035 for his 35th birthday… At that time, I thought that #035 would not come before a long time. The fact is that, even though Sylvain only turned 34 this year, I was getting close to board#35… A promise is a promise! Plus, the timing was perfect as I was getting ready to spend some time in France (where Sylvain lives!). I reached out to David Charbonnel at SWOP Surfboards and asked him if I could borrow his shaping room while he would be on a slower production mode during the Xmas break. He kindly accepted and volunteered for the glass job. This board was meant to be!

The shape: Sylvain likes to surf big waves in the Basque Country (France). When I say "big", I mean "huge" (see pictures). His quiver displays serious guns including a 9'0 custom Christensen gun. He also short boards when smaller but he was missing a board for intermediate size waves. Digging in SWOP template and with some suggestions from David, I made that mini-gun without pressure, just the fun of being in France shaping a board for a very good friend under the supervision of very good friend.

The artwork: Sylvain told me he liked geometric modern artwork. He also said he would trust my tastes and creativity… Glad he give me carte blanche on that artwork because I had only a couple of hours to pull that one out. That afternoon I played with masking tape, colors and the spray gun like I was in a playground.

The state-of-the-art glassing was done by SWOP in a record time (Thank you so much David!) so that I can deliver the board to Sylvain when I was visiting him few days after. And you know what Sylvain  said ??? "Can I get another one for my 40th birthday??!!!"

searching for curves

always a special moment when it comes to sign the board

Glassing by SWOP

observing David from the heater (it was freezing!!!)

Sylvain posing with my daughter…
or maybe the opposite

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